A little glimpse

by - September 08, 2017

My car got a little smushed at a roundabout by an SUV that didn’t see me - maybe they were colourblind, my car is green. So I took the train for the couple of weeks while it was at the car doctors. What do you call those? Mechanics? I enjoyed public transport for the first few days, though I missed my morning car karaoke sessions. Then the early starts and longer, somber commutes began to wear me down. Still, it was fun to people watch on the bus and train.

I find it funny that some people who enter my life for fleeting moments on public transport, or driving through traffic will forever be remembered as the lady with the superhero run, or the suit with the epic yawn face, or the gym jock nose-picker. People in cars are my favourite though. They somehow think a clear dashboard window hides their hilarious, private antics.

My all-time favourite is a sweet moment a Dad and daughter shared. She was dancing and singing her heart out to whatever song was on the radio, and being a cheeky monkey. I still picture the glimpse into their lives when he turned to look at her at a red light as she strikes a dramatic hip hop pose, their eyes meet for a weighted moment, then they both burst out laughing like it was the best thing ever. That was real love right there.

So next time you’re walking the streets, sitting on public transport, or driving your car - remember, I could be creeping on you in my rearview mirror or through my windshield. But feel free to be yourself, and do embarrassing or sweet things like there’s no one watching.

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