OPH: Support your local DJ

by - February 10, 2020

Back in the day at an old workplace, I got myself a posse of interns and found a rare gem I wanted to hire. So I did. She was young, jumped into the workforce straight out of high school, and hadn’t bothered with a degree. I admired her go-getter attitude.

She was looking for regular, paid work that would complement her true passion to become a full-time DJ when she applied for an internship in the fashion company I was in, which led to a full-time, permanent role. At the time I described to management my reason for wanting to hire her was a spark that I saw in her. A spark I identified with because I had that same hunger to succeed despite little to no experience when I was her age.

Now I have nearly two decades of workplace experience, I recognise that spark is the difference between someone who has cares about what they commit to doing, and someone who is looking for their next suitable position description to adhere to.

We’ve stayed in touch over the years, and it’s been a blessing to watch her grow into the successful person she is today. She credited me for giving her a break into a professional field, proper training and the foundation for a better life. While I did give her a chance at the beginning of her, I can’t take credit for the strong, independent woman she is now.

I’ve watched her DJ adventures in club circuits, at festivals, overseas in exotic party places like the Maldives. Makes me want to get in touch with people who gave me a go over the course of my career - catch them up on some of the highlights they helped make happen either directly or indirectly. How about you? Have you had any people in your life you want to credit with boosting your career or improving your personal life? Consider reaching out and sharing the love or paying forward their kindness by helping a young up and comer get a leg up.

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