Where to get ao dai (traditional Vietnamese dresses) in Brisbane

by - December 21, 2015

With less than 2 weeks to go to the big day, our cousin learned she needed lucky number 8 in her wedding party so Little Sissy Pham and I went into a mad scramble to be more Asian. Normally, Viets get their dresses made in Vietnam. Unfortunately minimum turnaround is 2 weeks so this wasn't an option for us but it's totally an option for you.

Violet Raindrops in Inala, which specialises in gowns and evening wear, has 2 ao dai options. You can either try ready-made dresses (usually in a size 8-10) and then have them adjusted to your body. OR you can select from their range of fabrics and they'll measure you up and get it made from scratch in Vietnam.

For modern styles, you have the option of online shopping/renting from Ceci Ao Dai in Sydney. If I'd had the lead time I'd prefer to shop with Ceci Ao Dai because they have a bigger range of styles. Violet Raindrops in Inala has really old school fabrics.

Beggars can't be choosers though so Little Sissy Pham and I got a seamstress in Brisbane (now retired, probably from the stress of making our dresses with no notice so I can't share her details) to do her best with fabric cuts that were too short for our abnormally tall (for Vietnamese) heights and (for me) unfortunately round belly. She worked a miracle to be honest. We managed to get Vietnamese ao dai the night before the wedding!

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