Farewell diamond dozen

by - October 25, 2011

This was my desk at Diamond Dozen. 'Was' being the operative word. Sadly I had to make like a tree and leave because I recently watched Back To The Future and, also, I am moving back to Brisbane next month to be with Phamly. Two parts yay! One part sigh.

I've had an amazing year with Edwina Hanneysee who runs Diamond Dozen and is one of the most intelligent and amazing people I have ever met. I won't elaborate because writing mushy crap makes me feel like a punce. Though I will say that I am going to miss Ed and the girls - Lucy, Emily, Katie, Maddie, not to mention our crazy neighbours - the gang from Tiny Cafe and Platform 5.
I learned so much about the creative industries - fashion, street art, lifestyle, cultural events, skate, surf (yeah, me! the girl who swims in the slow lane digging action sports!) and had an absolute blast doing it all. I even got to ditch my yellow Miffy-taped MacBook with Adobe CS3 for a while to play with a MacBook Pro and CS5, which made the nerd in me sing! I'm back on my MacBook Woe now, though I have upgraded to CS5 so I don't feel like I'm totally living in the dark ages.

Still, I confess that every time I play Bejeweled Blitz and my four year old MacBook starts to whir like it's about to explode I silently wish it does so I have an excuse to buy me a MacBook Pro. This is an unbelievably dumb wish to make considering I am now officially unemployed and my funds would be better spent on printing copies of my CV and job interview attire.
Thanks for a wonderful year Diamond Dozen. I wish I could stay but someone has to cook Sunday feast for the Phams, send Daddy Pham grocery shopping and boss Little Sissy Pham around like Mum Pham used to do.

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