Upgrade U: Nivea fruity shine lip balm

by - April 11, 2012

I used to put make-up on to go on the airplane. Not because I'm old school - I hadn't been born yet when it was the thing to do. I wore make up because half of my flights (the ones flying out) were to visit Mum Pham. On the way home I could be as frumpy as I wish because nobody in Melbourne cared how I looked when I landed after midnight on Sundays.

Mum Pham had a particular thing about my lips. Little Sissy Pham, being born with Dad Pham's colouring has a naturally dark pink tint to her lips. I, having Mum's pale complexion, have a naturally blue/green tint to my lips.

In my current incarnation as a suburban Brisbanian, lipstick is too much for the office (I'm not in fashion land anymore, Toto) but plain lip balms leave me looking like the living dead. The solution came from Nivea's lip care range - the new tinted 'Fruity Shine' in pink guava is the perfect shade of pink for my complexion. I've had red tinted lip balms before - possibly Bonne Belle? Can't quite recall which brand because it was years ago and the bright red tint looks clownish on me while great on most of my caucasian friends.
There are so many things about this that make me little girl giddy - like the term 'fruity shine' and its delicious fruity scent and what little girl doesn't like a bit of glittery shimmer? Did I mention it's PINK? A friend of mine also tried it and she doesn't like that you can feel the glitter - it's not the silky smooth application you get from other lip balms. I don't mind it... though this is coming from a girl who got craft glitter in her eyes every weekend for about two years so maybe scratchy lip glitter is a bigger deal for people who aren't numb to glitter irritation.

If you've read my guide to lip balms you'd know Maybelline Baby Lips is my all time fave lip balm. While they do have a tinted Baby Lips range, it's sadly not available in Australia that I can find. The only reason I know they exist is because they popped up in this make up video Aussie model Bridget Malcolm posted on Facebook. Thanks social media for letting me know about yet another thing I can't get, use, eat, drink, wear or sit on in Australia.

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