Watch it! New Hunting Ground Video

by - July 06, 2013

Pic by Nusha Gurusinghe - check more event photos @ 

I was expecting goodness from curator Shaun Hossack and his crew of creative misfits and innovators but New Hunting Ground blew me away. It was surreal to see a space I once threw paint at the walls in for fun transformed into a proper art gallery with gorgeous white walls, feature lighting and, of course, stunning art pieces from around the world.

Watch this awesome video of the opening night by EdInFocus. Over 500 people made their way through to enjoy the art. Some of my favourite people were Shaun's parents and sister. Turns out I love all the Hossacks!

The gallery was only open from June 21-23 so if you suckers didn't get to the show, you can still view some of the pieces in the New Hunting Ground online store. Most are sold but there's still some great pieces available. My favourite piece was this untitled piece by Jaws - my brain cannot even fathom how he painted the blurred focus effect.
Shaun tells me I should take more credit for naming the gallery and helping with copywriting and whatever else I contributed, but nah - it was all him and Ed Whitfield and Jaws and Stine Busch and the rest of the Juddy Roller Studios team. I will, however, take credit for the Shaun dressing well on the night. Yes, I went to an art show and instead of buying art I bought the curator an outfit. Typical.

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