LASIK laser eye surgery

by - March 26, 2014

I got my eyeballs zapped in January. It was like a party in my brain and all the rainbow colour pixels were invited. The procedure was quick and painless, and each step was clearly explained by Dr. Beckingsale and the friendly staff at Laser Sight. I highly recommend this clinic if you're in Brisbane.

My expensive walk down vision lane began because my acne meds were drying out my eyeballs so I couldn't wear contact lenses without ouch-ing. It took me months to decide to go through with it then more months before surgery because I had to wait for the acne meds to get out of my system. 

I'm not going to write about the procedure in detail - that's all over the interwebs - or how great it is to wake up and see, and swim and see, and walk in the rain and see, and drive into an undercover car park and take off my sunnies and see, and wear regular sunnies and see, and do ballet and see, and be able to do impromptu 3D movies and sleepovers and life and see!

I ummed and aahed about laser eye surgery for a long time - I did all the research and reading but still couldn't decide if I should. Finally I asked my Facebook friends for their experiences, if any, with laser eye surgery and a friend who I had no idea had gotten the surgery sent me a great message about her personal experience, which is what finally pushed me to make the big (and right for me) decision. 

So if you've stumbled across this blog hoping to find more info about laser eye surgery the only good advice I can offer is to ask your friends. Lasik eye surgery is really common these days - you'll be surprised by how many people you may know who have experienced it or know someone who has that you can talk to. Or you can always email me for my personal encounter of the laser kind - Good luck!

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