Happy New Years

by - February 24, 2015

I farewelled 2014 in fine style - meaning I caught a hell of a fever in November and didn't recover from post-viral cough until the New Year break. It's been a hectic few months and all of a sudden it's the end of February and Vietnamese New Year. Yikes.

Let's see... since I last wrote, I've moved house, powered through the most intense Government deadline I've ever seen, before jumping into a hectic Christmas (e-)retail period in a new project management role at ecommistry.com. Oh, then two storms decided to join powers and form a supercell to kill my car with baseball sized hail before, finally, I had to move my poor little Tigger back home to Dad Pham's because 15 years of frollicking in a huge garden made her miserable in an apartment.

Things are looking up in 2015. A lady decided to sell her Grandpa's Green Hyundai Getz - the exact make and colour I had but with a better engine and nicer fittings... oh, and for cheaper. Bonus! Little Sissy Pham made the snap decision to foster a kitten until he finds his forever home, so now I have more than spiders for company in my home office. My new-old car survived the second hail storm because - lesson learned - I signed up for storm warning texts and emails. Of course I fell in love with Frederick, the kitty, but now my jerk landlord (Little Sissy) won't let me keep him. Look at his face! How could you say no to that? He eats stationery the way I eat ice cream. We're meant to be together.

Here's to Happy 2015! Wishing y'all great health and best luck for the new year.

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