OPH: sand whisperer

by - December 02, 2015


I worked at Universal Store's Banger Beach at Stereosonic in Perth over the weekend. It's all fun and games until you get a bandana sunburn and tan line across your forehead because you kept telling staff to be sun safe and didn't tell yourself. Ijiut.

There was lots of other people's happiness going around that day - the kid in the Stereosonic cape who superman dived (belly flopped) into the sand for no real reason then got back up and started dancing like it never happened. He was in a league of his own. The older couple who looked simply knackered so I carried over beach chairs for them to re-energise in and the look of relief as they sat down. The human sized beach balls I got to throw into the crowd throughout the day that always made faces light up with glee. The dozens of water bottles and snacks I gave out at the end of the night to tired security guards and dehydrated kids as they left, and their grateful smiles that a stranger cares. I didn't so much enjoy picking up empty drink cans and bottles for 10 hours, but better nobody cut their feet dancing barefoot in the sand.

My highlight, though, was the end of the night when I saw a young guy and girl madly running around the sand in search for something as security was clearing the crowd out. Everyone walking by said they'd have zero chance of finding it in the 385 square metre beach. The girl said she lost a pair of sand coloured (of course they were) sandals and for some reason I just walked in a straight line to a spot in the middle of the sand pit, dug my toe in and hit a leather sandal. They started searching in the area for the other sandal and again for some reason I turned right, walked a couple of metres away and dug my toe in and again hit a sandal. The guy was surprisingly way happier than his girlfriend that I'd found her shoes. Maybe cause he wouldn't have to piggy back her home. I gave them each some water and sent them on their merry way home. And that ladies and gents is why I shall forever (for the rest of this week) be known as the sand whisperer.

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