Funny keyword searches #4

by - April 01, 2019

  1. brisbane redlight district - yeah... i'm sorry to disappoint whoever landed on my blog through this search.
  2. vietnamese sissy - sorry I keep misleading peeps with my sister's nickname.
  3. potato chip tree - someone actually googled this?
  4. william pham dentist - oh yay! our beloved dentist is being google stalked! highly recommend!
  5. what is a pham sissy - I'm afraid to google this myself.
  6. . - I don't know how someone got to my site searching a full stop but OK. Period.
  7. amy pham nude - I haven't googled this to see what results come up, but I'm guessing Amy is a fabulous naked hottie so they would have been disappointed to find frumpy ol' me.
  8. accidentally drank betadine - oh bro, same.
  9. quitter - ...hey! I'm stubborn as hell. I should quit when I don't. How'd this lead to my blog?

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