2020 the year that was

by - December 31, 2020

I’ve gone over what 2020 wasn’t. Now on New Years Eve, I’ve finally had a week of staycation to unwind and look back on the year that was. 

I was completely emotionally and physically depleted by the end of this year. Workwise, I haven’t had a break since COVID-19 shut down Australia in March/April, and the retail industry went into crisis mode. I work in the digital space so after the initial wave of lockdowns my workload increased a huge amount. I somehow managed to fit in a house purchase from June to September, though I haven't been able to do much with the house because I’ve been working crazy hours for the final months of the year. Downtime on weekends was a distant memory and towards the end of my marathon, sheer will wasn’t enough to carry me through the late nights and early starts - my body did what Dad Pham does when turning off desktop computers - it yanked out the power plug. 

 I’d been fending off a scratchy throat for nearly a month when I crashed hard at the end of November with a virus (not COVID-19, thankfully) and after two weeks of bedridden illness and inactivity my lower back started to play up. I rested it, and stretched it out and when I felt better, I tried to work it at the gym and totally wrecked myself. My back was locked so tightly the physio couldn’t diagnose the issue in my first visit because everywhere hurt. Three physio sessions later, and today I got the green light to ease back into the gym with a few adjustments to my workouts. Yup, in true 2020 form, I’ve spent nearly all of my 10 days of holiday mending my back. Though, it was probably the only way I’d take life easy for a little while so thank you body, you passive-aggressive guardian angel. 

This year hasn’t been a total write-off, however. It’s a blur when I look back but I can see what really matters came to light, and anything unimportant fell by the wayside. 

Boyfriend Pham is the best thing about my year. 2020 would have been unbearable without him. He had my back when I needed his support, and he was tough on me when I wasn’t pushing myself hard enough or pushing myself too hard. I learned that Boyfriend Pham and I get along even when we’re cooped up together 24/7. We had zero doubts about buying a house together - unlike when we first moved out together and paid extra for everything to avoid contracts, and bought furniture separately in case we broke up. He is the Phamly I choose. 

I’m very glad and grateful that I live in the same city as The Phamly. It’s been tough not seeing friends interstate; I can’t fathom how some of my friends handled being isolated from siblings and parents all year. Especially the Sydney pals who had to cancel their Xmas flights at the last minute due to the latest outbreak. 

2020 was the beginning of a new way of life for everyone; the world is a changed place. Going into 2021 I’m not sure of anything except that I have the best support network a girl could wish for. There’s no one I’d rather be facing new challenges with. Bring on, 2021.

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