Galentine's Day 2021

by - February 22, 2021

Finally! Social plans that didn't get cancelled at the last minute! ...Mainly because they didn't involve interstate visitors or travel. 

To celebrate my birthday, I first lumped Phamly celebrations in with Lunar New Years celebrations so I wouldn't have to cook. How clever am I? Sister-Not-In-Law made us Canh Chua Cá (Sour Fish Soup) - the first time I've eaten in possibly 25 years. I never really liked it as a kid, then I became a vegetarian for 8 years, and come New Years Day I ate TWO bowls of soup and spent the night super full, a little sick, and super content. It was a theme for the weekend. 

 On Saturday, I did an escape room at Escape Manor in the city. Nothing says birthday fun! like getting "locked" in a small, enclosed space with time pressure to solve puzzles in order to get out. It's a quick way to learn whether or not you really like your partner or friends. We dined at PappaRich afterwards for the all-important debrief and it was delicious. 

On Sunday, Boyfriend Pham and I went to the Nundah Markets for the first time. Normally Sunday mornings are Dad Pham and Phamly time, but this year I had plans to see Dad on the Monday so we visited our local markets where I learned Nundah does have the one thing I miss most about everywhere else I've lived. Fresh Asian produce! I was SO bloody excited when we made the discovery. Mosquitos and lack of (south-east) Asian groceries were my two pain points about life in inner-north Brisbane. 

The Galentine's Day crew showed up in fine style once again to celebrate me, them and the sisterhood of food, drink, and fun. And I failed them by not taking our annual happy snap. Boo me. Everyone looked lovely all dressed up for a nice lunch. It was refreshing to get to spend time with friends and family in person again. Happy birthday to me!

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