OPH: Buy Nothing Movement

by - July 05, 2021

Hot pink blazer
Hot pink blazer gifted from my local Buy Nothing group

Mother Not In Law got me into the Buy Nothing Movement when she was here over Xmas/New Years. The idea behind Buy Nothing is to give and share locally to reduce waste and reuse items that some one else no longer needs. It started as an experiment in Washington, USA and it's managed to make its way to Australia. 

I've given away new, unused or rarely used items such as foam rollers, excess mugs, drawer dividers, and hair products. I've also been gifted things like this hot pink blazer, Rei's beloved cat scratching board and toys, a perfume I receive constant compliments on, cute floral mugs for Dad Pham and more. 

It's a really kind and supportive community. I've seen my local group set up someone's new home because misfortune took everything they had away. People are always generous, and it makes me happy on my walk to work to go by people's homes that I've collected items from or delivered items to. it's comforting to know how many nice people there are in my local community. 

There are likely Buy Nothing Facebook groups for your local area if you search 'Buy Nothing' in Facebook. Go, look, see and gift/ask/gratitude.

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