Farewell Melbourne friends

by - November 09, 2011

I have met some brave hearts, kind souls and great minds in my time in Melbourne. None of whom I befriended. I prefer my dear friends to be cowardly and stupid so they're too scared to decline my Facebook friend requests and not smart enough to block me afterwards.

There's B & V, my childhood besties. We grew up to be three very different people - B's a circus trainer and roller derby athlete, while V's a physics PhD and dancer and I'm, well, me. But the three of us love food so we have regular cook-ups and eat-outs together. My favourite!

My crazy, random warehouse crew. Shaun (Juddy Roller owner), Romain and Scarlet lady - these mofos have seen me through some wild times. I wouldn't be who I am today without Shauny coaxing me out of my shell - love you, bro!

My ex-housies Chris & Brad (Mum Pham used to call him 'Brad Pitt' because she couldn't remember his first-name alone). We keep up our "KFC family dinner night" tradition where we watch trash, yell at Brad's TV and I always attempt (and later regret) eating as much fried chicken as the boys.

Last but not least, Misty, one of the awesomest people I have met in Melbourne. Every girl watches Sex & the City and wishes she had girlfriends who were just as fun and fabulous, albeit a lot less annoying. If I had a SATC posse, Misty would be in that dream team for me!

Farewell, my dear friends. I am going to miss you all so much. Love, love, love.

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