Treat yourself: Chanoyu spa

by - November 07, 2011

You will know me by the trail of tea stains. I love tea - English Breakfast, Russian Caravan, Liquorice Peppermint, Dandelion, Lady Grey, Earl Grey, Peppermint, Jasmine, Camomile - you name it, I'll down it and leave a tea ring mark on pretty much every single bit of paper that crosses my desk (well, when I have a desk).

So when Diamond Dozen sent me to Chanoyu Spa for a two-hour relaxation head to toe spa journey as a parting gift (how lovely!) it just couldn't be more perfect. Chanoyu being the Japanese green tea ceremony; tea being my segue into this blog post. Glad I finally got to use one of the five words I've retained from six years of high school Japanese lessons.

Today I experienced my first ever professional massage, foot ritual and facial. A massage has been on my to-do list for about five it's on my to-do semi-regularly list forever. I feel SO relaxed and happy and fuzzy.

I highly recommend Chanoyu Spa at 94 Smith Street in Collingwood, Melbourne. It's a very cute boutique spa run by a serene Japanese lady. The room itself is styled in a very traditional Japanese way and makes you feel calm just sitting on the cushion sipping green tea while you wait to be pampered.

Chanoyu Spa is above the yummy, yummy Wabi Sabi Japanese restaurant - I go crazy for their bento boxes. FYI you will walk through the restaurant with a clear head to get to the stairwell then eventually reemerge in a dazed dream-state and bump into a restaurant chair but the waitresses will apologise to you even though it was your fault because they're too nice.

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