Upgrade U: Cars window shade (Pixar style)

by - January 18, 2012

Hello 2012! Hope you're having fun. Me? I've been head down, bum up writing job applications every single day excepting weekends when I bulk grocery shop, cook Phamly feasts and power-watch TV shows. I've been through all of Alias (5 seasons), all of Heroes (4 seasons) and after this post I'm finishing the last two episodes of Entourage (8 seasons). I have about 6 years of TV shows to catch up on before employment and being productive rules my life again. Email or tweet me TV show recommendations please! blog@thephamly.com.au or @jadestopthat

Anyhoo, this isn't a post about TV shows. This post is about how I was called on to babysit my nieces for two weekends leading up to Xmas and watched Cars 1 and Cars 2 half a dozen times along with Horton Hears A Who (the bridge scene is one of the funniest animated scenes I have seen in years!) and Monsters Vs. Aliens. As a result I now walk around yelling 'Ka-chow!' every time I do something cool like karate chopping the air. Ka-chow is Lightning McQueen, the race car's catch phrase for those of you age 9 and up.

Dad Pham took some $$ out of his mortgage to buy me a toot-toot, honk-honk (I felt guilty about this until Little Sissy Pham pointed out she got help with two cars and Big Brother Pham has had help with half a dozen). The cutest pastel green second-hand Hyundai Getz you will ever see! And I've decided to make it cuter by decking it out like one of the background extras in Cars.
For readers in Melbourne, you may not know but there's this thing called the sun that beams hot rays of light onto the Earth. I've burned my hands a couple of times on the steering wheel after leaving it parked in sunshiny Brisbane streets so my first accessory is this Disney Pixar Cars window shield purchased on eBay from the Cute Moon Shop. They are closed for Chinese New Years but will be open again on January 28th, 2012. The shade also comes in blue.

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