Couples Will packs for singles

by - March 14, 2012

After watching five seasons of Six Feet Under in about two weeks and learning that it is possible to run over yourself with your own car, fall and poke your eye/brains out, and many other likely ways clumsy people like me can die, I thought it best to write a last will and testament.

The jolly man at the Brisbane GPO Post Office gave me the couples Will pack when I told him my sister and I were writing our legal wills together. He wasn't being strange or perverse, he was helping me to be a tight-ass. The couple's will pack contains two individual wills because even though you may be in a relationship you are still your own person. Who knew a simple Will pack could be so Oprah Winfrey about life?

It's kindda obvious who I'm going to leave my beloved Hyundai Getz car, dying laptop, "clown wardrobe" and sci-fi / fantasy books to - my blog is called Keep It In The Phamly after all. However, it just seems smart to put it down in writing because I also learned while watching Six Feet Under that if you don't tell people what you want, crazy relatives can do what they like or the law could dictate your farewell party. Oh, TV, I learn so much from you every day.

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