Upgrade U: Typo scrabble letters

by - March 11, 2012

Little Sissy Pham and I are a bit obsessed with the Zynga game Hanging With Friends. It's hang man but with added rules and a virtual interface so you can verse one another. She usually kicks my butt because she uses her brain to play while I use impatience and chance to randomly guess letters. I believe if god wanted me to solve the word, he would have made me press the correct letters. It is safe for you to assume that I never studied religion because that is probably not how god works. He does not micro-manage computer games. Or does he?!?!

That was the long way for me to get to the part of the story where Little Sissy Pham gave me giant A, D, E and J scrabble letters for Xmas! Adej is how my name would be spelled if all names had to be spelled with the letters in alphabetical order. To be honest, when I first got them super-sized letter tiles I didn't know what to do with them. I had enough clutter in my bedroom because The Phamly had turned it into storage for dusty junk while I was away so the letters were stored in a bag in my cupboard for the past couple of months.

image: the Typo letter wall at DFO Jindalee 

Little Sissy Pham, who had creative vision (by that I mean she had a job with a desk included), knew that these letters would one day decorate my future work station perfectly. She's handy and thoughtful like that when she's not crying or running away from me. These scrabble letters from Typo have gotten quite a lot of compliments at my new workplace. I'm pretty sure my colleagues like the letters so much because they spell out the new girl's name and they don't have to use their precious brain power to remember it.

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