Psy - Gangnam Style in Australia

by - October 15, 2012

Psy is in Australia!!! His ‘Gangnam Style’ music clip is my favourite pop music video since Lady Gaga's Bad Romance. The fashion, the colour, the hilarity!

Psy is a massive Korean popstar and I'm moronicly excited that he's crossed over into Western territories (#1 in Australia, US, UK and who knows how many more countries) so noobs like me can attempt his funny dances.

 Also, any artist who freely gives away video copyright to the masses and whose motto is 'Dress fancy, dance cheesy' is a super hero in my eyes. Gosh darn it…. I’m going to have to watch Australian X-Factor to see him live in Oz.

UPDATE 19/10/12: Some of his Aussie highlights have made it onto YouTube.
Getting shiny for Sunrise. Only Psy can pull off a star-spangled sequin suit at that time of the morning. His encore performance gets Aussied up.

This really happened.

Getting a very reluctant Mel B to dance Gangnam Style after his crazy-good live performance on the X-Factor.

A super-cute interview. 


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