Upgrade U: Sheer Cover makeup versus Nude by Nature

by - October 06, 2012

Back in her day, Mum Pham would take two hours to get ready for school. She had a beehive bob to build, foundation, eye shadow (always blue-green to balance the birthmark on her eyelid), eyeliner, eyebrow liner, lip liner, lipstick, blush and whatever else it is that women do. She never understood how I could roll out of bed and not bother to brush my sleep-kinked hair before heading to uni.

I didn't wear make-up as in foundation / cover up - whatever you call it until I started working in fashion PR where I learned how to apply make up without it looking like I've used the blur tool in Photoshop to wipe out my facial features. Let me correct that - I still don’t know how to apply liquid foundation, I use mineral make-up for the natural-look.
I've tried two brands so far and I think I've found a brand for life. Sheer Cover is AMAZING. I've had a decade long struggle with acne. Acne is winning but with Sheer Cover you can't tell that because it covers up the blemishes and leaves a natural looking healthy glow that tricks my friends into saying things like, ‘Wow, your skin looks amazing.’ And ‘You’re acne’s totally gone!’

I learned the hard way that the grass may look greener on the other side but it isn’t. I got caught in the promo hype of Nude by Nature mineral make-up so I bought a starter kit to try. Unlike Sheer Cover, it looks like I have powder on my face when I apply it, only thick layers can cover my acne scars and so it doesn't look my natural skin.
With Sheer Cover people always compliment me on my clear skin and instead of thanking them, I tell them I have acne covered by Sheer Cover. Now I'm telling you, it's Sheer Cover! Go, buy, love. I still have some Nude make-up to use up (waste not) then I'm going back to Sheer Cover and I'mma stay with them forever.

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