Happy Mother's Day, Dad!

by - May 12, 2013

It's Dad Pham's 68th birthday today! 2012-13 has been a bit rough on my papa.  He is finally starting to feel his age. Dad Pham used to be Mr. Invincible - never had a health problem. Well, body health issue. Dad's had schizophrenia brought on by PTSD from the Vietnam War since before we were born but that's a story for another day. Today's story is about dad's body health.

Mr Invincible never tripped or walked into furniture so I can't recall him ever having a bruise or scratch. The 'klutz gene' that afflicts Little Sissy Pham and I definitely came from Mum's side of The Phamly. Dad drastically lost weight right after Mum died so we thought it was heartbreak. In a way it could be heartbreak that triggered his type 2 diabetes and the army of polyps in his intestines. He never had health issues when Mum was around. I like to romanticise it and think it's because he needed to be fit to take care of her.

Dad's been in hospital twice so far this year, once scheduled "it's easy, I cleanse, they make me sleep, I wake up and I eat", once emergency "I'm in hospital because my vision's blurry and I eat too much." Yes, Dad Pham has a great way of simplifying his health complications for us. English as a second  language may also have something to do with it. His health scare is the real reason I've been nicer to my body lately though saying 'science called me fat' made it sound more fun.

Dad LOVES hospital food an insane amount so he's not too phased by his health scares but it makes me realise these are my final days (I hope years) of having a parent. Some one looking out for me no matter the stupid things I do, who worries when I'm sick and prays I get better, who wants my life to be easy and comfortable, who'll always support me even when they think vegetarianism is a waste of effort and silly.

Happy Mothers Day to all parents out there. Thanks for making us kids!

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