29 year old me vs 2 year old me

by - May 29, 2013

The other day I was scrolling through my baby pics and discovered that my new hairstyle isn't so new. This is a pic of 2 year old me. Turns out I'm not fashion forward... or even fashion backward. I'm fashion sidewards.

The only difference (apart from 27 years in age) is I didn't shave the sides of my head back then because 2 year old me only had enough language to say 'long' and chuck a heart-stopping, window-breaking tantrum if Mum Pham did otherwise. I wish she hadn't indulged me because now in adulthood I don't use my decent sized English vocabulary to articulate how I feel. I make whiny noises when I don't like something and roar at people who get in my way.

So tell me honestly, who rocks it better? Mini me or grown up me. I know mini-me dressed better. Hot damn! Look at that tights to dress colour coordination then light long sleeve underlayer to match the light sandals. Why can't I dress like that?

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