New Hunting Ground art gallery launch

by - June 02, 2013

I've been doing a lot of Interstate trips this year because, I've discovered, I still like having fun. After a year of dullhood, I thought I was getting old and and boring, but turns out I just don't like going out in Brisbane. So Bris don't kill my vibe I travel to all the exciting stuff that happens anywhere not here. Boy-flings, Carbon Festival, mega 30th parties/weekends away and now the New Hunting Ground gallery launch on Friday 21st June in Fitzroy, Melbourne. Mark it in your diaries and come have fun with me!

As I tell people, I don't blog about events/products/anything unless I use/experience/attend it myself. I have to Keep It In The Phamly after all. New Hunting Ground is part of The Phamly. It's run by one of my dearest friends, Shaun Hossack, whose passion, honesty and nonconformity has taken me out of my comfort zone and onto greater things many a time. Shaun pushes the boundaries of what's expected or acceptable by society because he needs to keep shit real. I expect we'll get great art and experiences from New Hunting Ground because of this. 

The debut show, also called New Hunting Ground, features international and local artists ranging from street artists to contemporary artists. The lineup includes Jaws, Choq, Does, Ears, Adnate, John Aslanidis, Al Mooney, Max Berry, Tom Ferson, Nicole Reed, Taylor White, Elk and more. Check out some of the amazing pieces in progress below.

Gallery Launch
Friday 21st June, 7pm

Corner Johnston & Chapel Street, Fitzroy.
Entrance on Chapel St.

P.S. I hope you like the gallery name - that was my little contribution to the project.

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