Culture Kings Melbourne Launch Party

by - October 08, 2013

Hello my poor, neglected blog. I've been a little busy with work lately, which is what happens when you have an already full workload then volunteer to organise the first major store opening in Culture Kings history. This is like that time I thought I could make a 40 minute DVD around my final semester of studies and ended up on a vending machine diet and zero sleep to meet deadline. Except this time I remembered to schedule sleep hours and ate copious amounts of pizza instead because, you know, progress.

I've thrown work and fun events before but this one was particularly important to me. I didn't figure out why until last week when the whirlwind ended. This is the first event I've managed since organising Mum Pham's funeral and if y'all hadn't heard that burnt me out something major. Culture Kings Melbourne Launch Party is the first time I've pushed myself hard since then and, you guys, I kinda killed it.

Mum Pham would have been proud. She'd have hated my hair and head tattoo and strange eye make-up and men putting their arm around her daughter for photos and the loud music and the Culture Kings Beer and endless supply of Moet and maybe even the champagne tower despite its pretty and definitely a no-no to the casual attire on the red carpet and caps worn inside and the catering not being Asian cuisine. But, all the same, she would have been proud to know I did my best to make many people happy memories. Look what a bit of sleep and a lot of pizza can do:

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