Les Twins Workshops in Australia

by - October 21, 2013

I started ballet in August this year. No, I'd never danced before in my life and, yes, I am absolutely terrible at it. But that won't stop me from doing my first ever dance recital in December. I don't recommend anyone come to see me dance, but I do highly, astronomically recommend you see Les Twins on their dance workshop tour around Australia this week. Visit maspresents.com for tickets and venue details. Tour dates below:

For uncoordinated noobs like myself, you can just go, watch and wish you had inherited Dad's black belt discipline and not Mum's oopsy-daisy gene. I cannot wait to see them this Sunday in Brisbane at the Sandgate Town Hall. Squeal! And then this always single lady and my not as single Little Sissy are going to see them perform with Beyonce the following night at Brisbane Entertainment Centre. All types of squeal!!

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