OPH: Helping Hoops Charity

by - July 21, 2014

I have mostly fond memories of growing up in the now demolished council flats in Kensington, Melbourne. Except for two violent ball related memories. One was getting a painful leg and ass-whooping from Mum Pham and her feather duster for having a $2 black and blue soccer ball stolen from the playground while we climbed on rocks.

The other was the local white trash bully, Beau, who caught my basketball on rebound and stabbed it with his pocket knife to ruin everyone's day for no good reason and make me cry. He was also the kid who set his German Shepherd on me and my friend for laughs... Maybe I have more bad memories than two... I can't help but think if Helping Hoops Charity was around back then, Beau would have developed some anger management techniques, social skills and maybe even a bit of team spirit and my worn-down, gripless orange basketball would still be alive today.

Helping Hoops is a Melbourne based charity that uses free basketball programs to help give children from council flats, refugee backgrounds or with intellectual disabilities positive experiences and life skills. The charity runs on sponsorships and donations so I was ultra happy that Culture Kings (me day job) put on a charity shootout last Saturday. All I can say is, I've never handled so many balls in my life.

If you want to get involved or learn more about Helping Hoops head to their official website: www.helpinghoops.com.au

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