Me time

by - September 30, 2014

So I left my dream job and my beloved CK Phamly. Surprise! It was a sad decision but sometimes you gotta do what you need, not what you want.

I tried my best to ignore the signs of burn-out like nightmares about work, restless sleep, my acne coming back and fresh clusters of grey hairs. But eventually even stubborn ol' me had to admit it was my insides’ way of telling my outsides that I need ‘me time.’ So I’ve gone back to my sanctuary for a temp contract to ground myself and zen out again.

I’m going to spend ‘me time’ relaxing, catching up with friends, going back to my dermatologist, getting my hair did and focusing on my health (yes, rumours are true, I’ve joined a gym after putting it off for a decade). Best of all, I’m blogging again! I’ve missed writing about nothing. Sorry Internet, you’ll be seeing a bit more of me.

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