R.I.P. Frederick, the Great.

by - March 10, 2015

It's been a rough week for this cat lady... though, am I technically a cat lady if I don't have any cats? Yesterday I farewelled the bright, little bundle of joy that is Frederick, the Great. Only one day after I said goodbye to Tigger Pham. He was a little foster kitten who was rescued by the good people at Animal Rescue Queensland. He was doomed to be destroyed at a few months of age when his heart murmur was discovered. We had hopes his kitten body would grow and heal his heart but it did the opposite causing complications that he eventually couldn't overcome. Sadly, Frederick was put to sleep at 4.10pm on March 9th, 2015 and his body will be cremated. His two final months were filled with much love and playtime and cuddles galore. I hope he enjoyed it as much as we did.

Unlike Tigger Pham who came in a dodgily hand-delivered duffle bag, Frederick came to us in a RSPCA box picked up in their Wacol centre. The moment his head popped out of the box I was in love - his face was picturesque, his shape was statuesque. He was perfect. He was so relaxed and social and happy. He was graceful and athletic and full of life. He purred like an old-school motor engine whenever we looked his way. He was such a charmer even non-cat people who met him loved him. A blog post won't capture all that is wonderful about Frederick but here's some memories from his time in The Phamly.
Freddy is his legal name but it never suited him so we renamed him Frederick, the Great. He was too refined, too gentlemanly with his polite manner and white boots (hind paws) and gloves (front paws) and shirt (chest) to be a Freddy. Also, his whisker game was always on point.
Frederick spent his days keeping me company and terrorising my computer cables while I worked.
His favourite toy was a blue ribbon from one of Little Sissy Pham's dresses but everything he could get his mitts on was fair game.
Before he arrived, I would get carried away with work and not take breaks but he would remind me every hour or so to stop for a cuddle or play.
He wasn't with us for long but he managed to celebrate Little Sissy Pham and my birthdays with us. What a sweetie!
He was perfect in every way, except for two things - his bad heart and his lack of boundaries. Don't mind me, I'm just putting my kitty litter poop paw in your eye.
Seriously, no boundaries. He even slept on our faces.
Most mornings I would wake up to him above my head on the pillow or on my bedside table.
Except for that one time I caught him in bed with someone else.
That night he slept on the couch. No, not really. Who could stay mad at that face?
His favourite place to lay was on cool surfaces - the glass coffee table, the kitchen bench and tiled floor, the bathroom floor and my glass-top bedside table. 
We did a naughty the first time he got sick and took him outside. We thought it would be his last few days with us, but that time he was able to bounce back. He LOVED it. 
Frederick, the Great was a special gift. My middle niece said it best, "Frederick was born happy." He was a special ray of sunshine that warmed our hearts and home with love and laughter. We miss you, little man. Even though you were a foster kitty we loved you like you were one of our own because you are. 
Rest your dear heart in peace.
I posted my last selfie with Tigger but I won't do the same for Frederick 'cause he had a peculiar fondness of sitting on our laps when we went to the toilet. My last selfie was a cuddle we had when I peed before taking him for one final ride to the vet.

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