The Most Thoughtful Gift Ever

by - March 26, 2015

On Xmas Eve my boyfriend kicked me out of my house because he's a jerk...and he wanted to surprise me. When I came home my bedroom door was closed and there was a single balloon stuck on it along with a note handwritten in Vietnamese with a message he'd gotten translated by Dad Pham (swoon, shame my Vietnamese is so bad I didn't understand half of his message until he told me after). BF gave me a pair of scissors and told me to pop it - it was a preview of what was to come. Lots of love and lots of yum.

Inside my room he'd stuck dozens of (green for Jade) balloons on my wall. Each had a photo attached and a little message handwritten on the back about our time together. I won't lie - I felt a little overwhelmed and nearly cried as I read his notes.

Since we couldn't spend Xmas together the next day he'd hidden my favourite chocolates (Ferrero Rocher if anyone wants to gift me some) inside a dozen of the balloons. I was instructed to pop all the balloons tomorrow for my Xmas present continued - oh, was it a struggle of will power. Now I know what it's like for my nieces who wake up pre-dawn on Xmas day to open their presents.

The balloon wall photo was the gift that kept on giving! After stuffing my face with chocolate over Xmas, we brought all the balloons to Dad Pham's house that weekend and the kids (and 'adults') proceeded to spiral into a hyperactive, hyperventilation-inducing balloon battle frenzy.

This is seriously the nicest, most thoughtful gift I've ever received. I cannot believe how much thought and effort he put into it. Why didn't anyone tell me boyfriends could be this awesome? I'd have ordered one from Tinder sooner! BF sure knows how to make a girl feel loved. I'm a lucky girl.

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