Preparing for Eurovision 2015

by - May 23, 2015

It's the most wonderful time of the year! And this year it's made better because Austria invited Australia to be a wildcard entry into the grand finale as part of their 60th anniversary celebrations and 'Building Bridges' theme. Best news, guys this means our votes count this year...I am SO excited.

I've been waking up at 5am to see the semifinals 'cause your vote only counts when it's live - duh. And totally crashed and burned on Friday night but who needs sleep when there's Eurovision to be enjoyed.

Tonight I'll sleep over at Dad's in preparation for Sunday's final 'cause I've had the TV sound down low, low, low for the semifinals to avoid waking Little Sissy Pham (I'm not always a horrible sister-housemate). But Dad Pham wakes up at 1am or 2am every day and is a fan of Eurovision so we're going to have it blasting on speakers 'cause I like it loud and he's a bit deaf. It will be SO FUN!

If you're waking up for Eurovision tomorrow morning, I recommend getting their app - you can follow the show live and mark the artists you want to vote for. Then when it's time to vote you simply tap the 'vote' button on your faves and it automatically sends the SMS to the right number. Also, it has instagram Eurovision themed layers to put over your pics. Like my happy face above.

Love love love. See you in the morning Eurovision!

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