Other People's Happiness (Happy Mother's Day, 2015)

by - May 11, 2015

Mother's Day had me thinking about Mum Pham as it always does. ​Mum Pham loved watching TV game shows like Wheel of Fortune and the Price is Right because she got a thrill from seeing other people's happiness. She didn't care about the actual games, some of the time I don't think she even understood what was going on in the show but every afternoon like clockwork she'd be at the TV enjoying other people winning because happiness breeds happiness.

Dad Pham pointed out this weekend that I'm a mini-Mum when it comes to looking after others. I do little thoughtful things for people because it makes me happy to see them happy - like taking girlfriends out for a Valentine's Day date instead of celebrating my own 30th birthday, making potato chip trees​ for sick people who don't like chocolate,​ or putting in little stationery gifts or thank you notes in my return parcels to online stores because I'm happy even when I don't get to see the little bit of happy I create.

Yesterday, we made my friend an honorary member of The Phamly since her mother is overseas and it was mega-fun for all.​ ​When's the last time you did something nice for someone - stranger or friend? It doesn't take much effort to brighten someone's day; a teeny tiny itty witty little bit can go a long way.  That's one major life lesson I learned from Mum Pham - she was a wise lady.​

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