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by - June 23, 2015

Back in the day when I used to be a party animal instead of hanging out at home/parks/sanctuaries/zoos with animals, my friends and I would throw some pretty wild warehouse parties. Throwing parties fits into Mum Pham's other people's happiness life philosophy. I met some brilliant people and made lifelong friends and created awesome memories for people during my warehouse days. Thanks to Gmail hoarding, I was able to find all the old invites and take a walk down memory lane. They were fun to write and even funner to live.


Subject: [ware]housewarming party
Sent: Monday, 3 September 2007 10:50 PM

Hey hello hi.

Did you know that you're invited to my party? I invited you ages ago, in my head, but in case you didn't bother to read my thoughts that day, here it is in email:

[ware]housewarming party
Saturday 15 September

If you still can't find it, you're an idiot. But i won't say that over the phone [XX] if you call for more directions. promise.

My housemate's organising some bands and deejays. i probably should too.

Come early, or come late. it's going to be an all-nighter (if we don't get shut down) so just come after whatever gig you're going to.

Space is huge. Bring friends. Bring an entourage.

It's BYO. Bring booze.

See you there?

Jade x


Subject: Party invite. Sort of.
Sent: Monday, 8 October 2007 6:09 PM

Hey all,

Please help. I'm trying to ditch my [ware]house party but in order to do so i need to cut a lock off my bedroom door so i can lock it - this makes sense if you're me. But since you're not me, and i don't have a bolt cutter. I'm hoping that you're you, with a bolt cutter handy.

Oh yes, and you're invited to the party.

Saturday Oct 13, 2007
9pm ‘til dawn. Bands, DJs, BYO.

hopefully I won't see you there, because i will have borrowed your bolt cutters to cut the lock off my door.

Feel free to invite your friends and friends’ friends.

And please help if you've got a bolt cutter.

jade x


Subject: Party invite. For real.
Sent: Friday, 9 November 2007 11:47 AM


It’s that time of the month again. Ew! I’m not talking about lady-blood. I meant the [ware]house party – [WARE]HOUSE PARTY! – it’s happening next Saturday. Come!

I think I confused some peeps with the last invite (below). I wouldn’t invite you to a party that was shit. I was ditching said party for gig-going purposes.

So you know the bolt cutter story had a happy ending: My bestie from primary school (hi Vee!) grew up to be a physics genius with a lab and workshop full of handy gadgets and tools (bolt cutters included – thanks Vee!). I’m now sure fate brought us together as children so that 18 years later I could cut a padlock off my door, put a new padlock on, ditch my party to see a band at 11pm, then a band at 2am, then come back and party ‘til dawn.

I won’t be home at the start of this next party either (my boys British India are playing round the corner) but I will be there eventually.

Saturday 17 Nov, 2007

Beginning some time, ending after dawn.
Band: White Boyz Can’t Funk, DJ Wasabi + guests.
BYO or beer at the bar.
$5 entry (sorry didn’t know about this last time. helps us pay for bands, DJs, pa, disco ball, repairs)

As always – feel free to invite whoever the hell you want. Skinheads, crazy ice smokers, and people who spray ‘fag’ on other peoples’ cars excepted.




Subject: Party invite. For real.
Sent: Wednesday, 14 November 2007 3:04 PM

Dear folks,

Little change to the [ware]houseparty this Saturday. The bar has been pulled. My housemate went to court over something sort of illegal this week so we’ve decided not to sell booze at the party as it’s probably really illegal. I like my housemate - he breathes fire, barbecues indoors, and thinks I’m Tibetan - I don’t want him incarcerated.

Find me (XX) if you come.




Subject: Another warehouse party. We never learn.
Sent: Friday, 23 November 2007 7:47 PM


I ran into my housemate on the street last night and he told me that we’re having another party this Saturday because Combat Wombat want a place to express their political views in a musical… I think he meant to say musically.

Considering our party last Saturday ended in a $500 fine, $800 worth in stolen gear, a broken tap, drier, and a hole in the wall, you’d think we’d know better. But we don’t.

Saturday 23 Nov, 2007
Possibly gold coin donation entry to help us out of debt.

Again, I won’t be there for the beginning, may not be there at the end, and may not even be there at all - but what do you care? PARTY!!!!



Subject: Invite| Jade's Birthday Party


If you know me, and I’m guessing you do because I’m sending you an invitation to my birthday party, then you’ll know that at the end of last year the warehouse where I live threw a massive party that resulted in massive losses (fines, stolen gear, broken shit). You’ll be happy to hear (or at least I’m happy to tell you) that we threw another party the following week, which got us out of debt. Woo!

Since then we’ve learned to live without a dryer (and washing machine for a time), grown a garden, made an indoor pond, and got a pet fish named Cosmo the Comet. He didn’t survive 24 days with us as his parents. We (and Cosmo) learned the hard way that we’re not cut out for domestic life, so we’ve decided to go back to doing what we do best: [ware]house parties.

Saturday 16 February, 2008
Jadey Wadey’s Masked Ball
Probably bands, probably DJs.
Probably BYO booze.
Free entry if you wear a mask. $5 entry (to cover our arses for fines) if you don’t.

See you there? Bring friends!

Jade Pham


Subject: Invite | the super rad [ware]house party
Sent: 17 June 2008 18:29

Hey. Hello. Hi.

We’re throwing a triple [ware]house birthday party for CD (queen of hearts), SH (king of the jungle), and RM (god of weed) on Saturday 28 June and you’re invited.

Our last party in February with a stage built from crates, three visits from cops, and 350+ peeps in masks singing happy birthday (thank you!!) was pretty amazing...but there's always room for improvement. For starters, we're going to plug the sound system in, and not spill water on the DJ decks. We’ll almost be semi-professional this time.

We even had an official invite drawn up thanks to Ben (warehouse friend), but it still hasn’t been scanned thanks to me (goldfish memory). Let's face it, I forgot it yesterday, I forgot it today, and I’ll forget it tomorrow. So i'm just going to do what i always do: send out a mildly informed email and wish for the best.

Saturday 28 June
the super rad triple [ware]house birthday party

The Melodics [live]
White Boyz Can't Funk [live]
Vince Peach (Soul Time)

Doors 9pm – ‘til dawn (and we won’t lock you out after 2am, promise)
Donation entry $7

Bring friends. Bring enemies. Bring anyone!

Jade x

P.S. As always, i may be there for the beginning, won't be there in the middle (my boys Grafton Primary are playing Revolver that night) and i shall return, and party 'til the end.


Subject: [ware]houseparty rule #1: Invite People.
Sent: Friday, 10 October 2008 4:25 PM

Hey. Hello. Hi.

It came to my attention yesterday, when Matt-face invited a mutual friend to my party, that I haven’t invited anyone to my party. Oops. In case you haven’t clued on yet, this is me inviting you to our overdue, slightly disorganised (as usual), vaguely themed [ware]houseparty!

It may be my last as a resident because, as much as I love being able to rollerskate around at home in my undies, I’ve outgrown the 24/7 partying, broken glass in my feet, stench of stale beer & cigarette ash, and general mess of living with seven boys. That, plus a housemate snuck into my room in the middle of the night and kissed me while i slept, which sortta freaked me out. Don’t worry - he promises not to do it again, so you’ll be nice and safe if you get wasted and pass out at our party - we swear.

Saturday 1 November, 2008
definitely Rat VS. Possum [live]
Probably White Boyz Can’t Funk [live]
Maybe Vince Peach [wicked DJ]
Suppose there will be guest DJs.
9pm ‘til dawn

They’re talking $10 doors but as usual friends gimme a txt/call (XX) and I’ll come get you. i promise to be there from the beginning this time. No rocking up at 2/3am – I know, i’m sorry, i suck.

The party’s also a farewell to our beloved French housemates Guillaume and Maxime. They’re ultra cute and cuddly – please give ‘em a hello goodbye hug if you come.

Jade x


Subject: reminder: [ware]houseparty in Fitzroy this Sat 1 Nov

Hello party people!

A few updates to our party this Saturday night (Nov 1). The line up has been 100% confirmed (see below), and it's going to be my farewell as well 'cause I'm moving out of the warehouse that day to become part of a holy trinity (a straight guy, a gay guy, and me). Woo!

dress up, dress down, dress dead


Rat VS. Possum [live]
Keith! Party [live]
White Boyz Can't Funk [live]
Vince Peach [wicked DJ]
plus guest DJs.
8.30/9pm-ish 'til dawn
They're talking $10 doors but gimme a txt/call (XX) and I'll come get you.

Peace. Love. Party!
jade x


Final ever [ware]houseparty

By this stage our warehouse parties were ticketed and this final hoorah sold out on presales so instead of an invite, here's the text I wrote for the back of the ticket:

You are holding a (special/ limited/made with love) golden ticket to the final ever [ware]houseparty at [address]. Our epic Day Of The Dead party in November ’08 was meant to be the last ever party but one of our beloved original warehouse legends, RM (aka heaps-a-fun packed in a tall French dude) is leaving Australia, and we need to give him the ultimate party as a farewell or else his ghost will come back to haunt us at 3.30am every night yelling stuff in drunken French while dancing around to loud dub. If you believe in ghosts, can see dead people or just want to be part of the funnest night in the history of [ware]houseparties, get your butts in the door by 10pm to see Curse The Machine (DJ Dexter’s new project), DJ Vince Peach (soul goodness) and The Melodics (live). Saturday 27th June. As RM would say: “Pull up!”

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