Middling Niece (aka Bubba)

by - August 17, 2015

I adore my nieces to the point of obsession and sometimes I worry I'm like one of those doting parents who thinks their child poops rainbows and vomits unicorns, but even worse because I'm only an Aunty. I feel vindicated for thinking my nieces are exceptional little human beings because last month Middling Niece was given a spirit of the school award (one student gets this per year level) that said:

"Bubba (not her real name) is a polite and happy member of Year X (not a real school level). She works extremely hard and is determined to do her best.

Bubba displays wonderful reverence by listening to others and being mindful of her surroundings. She is a considerate student and often puts others' needs before her own. Bubba always acts like Jesus and is extremely humble. She may only be little, but she has a BIG heart.

She demonstrates respect for God, teachers, students and herself. She is courteous and caring, and is always willing to help others.

Bubba is a very responsible student. She handles difficult situations well and is a positive role model for others.

She is to be commended for her wonderful resilience. Bubba is a true example of what it means for someone to "bounce back" from challenging situations. She teaches us all to be more resilient.

Finally, Bubba builds positive relationships with her peers. She is always happy to work with others and is a wonderful and kind friend. She is very deserving of this award.  Congratulations!"

You guys, I'm not delusional! Other people see how wonderful the little Phamlings are too! Bubba is a cancer survivor who will live with the scars and ongoing health issues as a result of her cancer treatments and surgeries. Yet, she is the sweetest, most positive and caring person in my world - nothing can bring her down.

I was super excited when I won 4 tickets to Disney On Ice and an opportunity for Bubba to dress up like a Disney princess and take part in a lantern release in the show. Thanks Visit Brisbane for making happy memories for a happy little girl. Little Bubba said she was having the best week ever!

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