Funny keyword searches that lead to my blog #3

by - June 13, 2016

  1. "jade bracelets that don't come off" - I'm not alone!
  2. "how to buy potato chips" - with money?
  3. "wearing his lego brick backpack" - is that you, wild style?
  4. "asos porno" - okay, I shopped a lot on asos once upon a time but that seems extreme
  5. "cow u" - moo me?
  6. "online dating cat lady" - nailed it
  7. "insult" - what did i do?
  8. "milk drunk onesie"- i actually have no idea why my blog came up as a result. I hate onesies, they're so impractical for small bladders
  9. "penguin gifts for adults" - because duh
  10. "happy old asian lady" - yes. yes i am

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