Upgrade U: RACQ Comprehensive Car Insurance

by - May 23, 2016

I know climate change is not real and all…. pfft, of course it’s real you guys - how can anyone think an increase in billions of people wouldn’t affect the planet? Something’s definitely changed in Earth’s weather because I don’t remember this many severe storms in Brisbane a decade ago when I last lived here. I used to enjoy storm season because it meant tropical downpours followed by sunshine, butterflies and wonderful smells. Now storm season means dangerous lightning, damaging hail and flash flooding. The supercell from November 2014 put the fear in all of us.

I’m glad the sky didn’t poop ice balls back in my poor uni student days ‘cause my bro and I couldn’t afford comprehensive car insurance on our shared Ford Telstar. But I will never go without my RACQ Comprehensive Car insurance ever again after that storm. I never knew how good RACQ was until I needed them.

My poor Luigi (Hyundai Getz) was totalled by last year’s supercell storm. Since his rear window was gone and side mirrors shattered, he was deemed not drivable. Then because I didn’t have anywhere undercover to store him so he wouldn’t be further damaged RACQ put me on the urgent list. They had my car towed the same night even though the area was super busy and completely wrecked by the storm. They had warned me, it may have to wait til tomorrow morning but they’d try to make it happen that night and they did.

Then it was assessed within 3 days and the assessor called me to let me know the price and within the next few days I was sent a cheque in the mail. Within 2 weeks after a super storm that effects thousands of people and increased RACQ insurance claims by a huge rate, they managed to process urgent claims quickly. I was expecting to wait at least a month while things were sorted after such a big storm. And they were so communicative and helpful at each step. I am clueless about practical life but I didn’t need to know everything about the insurance claim or my insurance policy because RACQ explained everything I needed to know. 

I cannot recommend them enough as a car insurer. They also just did an audit of their accounts last financial year, and realised they’d overcharged me because I qualified for a membership discount when I insured my new car, Luigi II (another green Hyundai Getz). I had no clue - they could have kept the money and I’d be none the wiser, but they sent me a letter explaining what happened, then a cheque for the amount. RACQ is a good, honest insurer. I’ll be a loyal member for life.

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