A Little Holiday Cheer

by - December 24, 2016

We don't celebrate Xmas normally in our Phamly because Vietnamese. We usually gift the little ones because their Italian-Australian half is into Xmas and eat our usual Phamly dinner of rice paper rolls or banh xeo (Viet pancakes). This year, their Italian-Australian mother is cooking a lamb leg and all of a sudden we have to learn how to Xmas the Aussie way.

Little Sissy Pham turns to her boyfriend and says, "You're white. How do we do white Christmas?" In his family it's meat, potato and veggies. Sounds easy enough. Then yesterday, Apple made Little Sissy Pham and I a delicious pre-Xmas dinner and showed us how Xmas is done in the real world. Meat, potato bake, mango & avocado salad followed by Xmas treaty desserts. We are stealing her ideas for the Phamly's first white Christmas tonight. We do Xmas on Xmas Eve because Mum Pham and Dad Pham learned how to Christmas in Germany. It's all a mixed bag of multi-cultural references really.

Wishing everyone a nice holiday season whatever you celebrate or don't celebrate. I hope you get a break from reality to reflect on 2016 - the good and the bad, and clear the slate for whatever comes next. Now if you'll excuse me, I've got to prep for my second day of eating for 10 hours straight. Love to all.

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