My Favourite Mistakes of 2016

by - December 30, 2016

There was a moment this year when the CEO at work asked me to recheck some figures because something was off by one, and I replied, "I did the split and I don't really make mistakes like that." Not because I'm cocky but because I am methodical - hence, project management life. By the way, I rechecked figures and I was right because duh. I'm not really someone who makes mistakes at work... or at least, admit to them. My mistakes tend to happen in my personal life. These are my favourite mistakes of 2016:

1/ It's Not A Tumor
The worst and best moment of my year was in April 2016 when Middling Niece had an awful kidney infection and cancer scare. Friggin' doctors scared the living crap out of my Phamly when they warned us some growths visible on scans could be cancer coming back and I bawled my eyes out like I hadn't done in years. This was during a peak period at work as well, so I spent my long days consumed by deadlines, my evenings in hospital playing with my niece to break up her boredom and my nights trying not to cry more before repeating the same cycle next day. It turns out what the doctors thought could be her cancer returning was just a bizarre mucus caused by an infection so bad they hadn't seen anything like it before. My mistake was listening to the experts - Middling Niece is still in remission. That's the last time I listen to doctors!

2/ The Long Ending
I struggled for most of this year with a long distance relationship. It actually felt like work and no fun but I kept it up because I don't like admitting defeat. I'm stubborn like that. It was a big mistake not to end things sooner - we both were finding it hard to keep ourselves and each other happy. The reason it makes my favourites list is because the drawn out ending meant I didn't have the shocked heartbreak of a sudden ending, I had relief like a weight had been lifted. It changed my energy and as soon as I became single, I made some ridiculously fabulous and supportive new friends, and am still meeting interesting and fun new people.

3/ The Unsexiest Tinder Profile
My pics aren't my best but they sum me up pretty well, I think. One dude actually told me I'm cuter on my Instagram than my Tinder profile and I'm not doing myself justice. That's right, I had Tinder profiles mansplained to me. Unmatch - ain't nobody got time for dat.

I also quote my parents in my bio 'cause there is nothing sexier than making guys think about your parents while they're trying to picture you naked to decide whether you're bone-worthy.

Mum: "Ngoc (Jade) was the duck (she means dux) of her school. She could have done anything with her life but she chose music (now fashion) and that's why her hair's like that." 

Dad: "Your mind is simple. That's why you're a happy person." Turns over my palm. "See? Look how clear the lines are. You don't think much."

The good part is, I think I filter out all the gross men with my super goofy profile. So far the men who don't care about me as a human being and only want vagina time have been awfully polite and considerate in their offers. While at the same time, the dudes that seem interested in who I am as a person seem genuine.

So, in conclusion, things I've learned from 2016 is never listen to experts, taking forever to end a relationship isn't a bad thing, and being unsexy in the online dating world is good for avoiding mega creeps. Here's to new and better mistakes in 2017!

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