OPH: Corn(y) Chips

by - February 25, 2017

Birthday celebrations weren't really a thing growing up in The Phamly because making it a thing would cost money we didn't have. We usually only got birthday cakes and presents when our full-time employed cousins treated us, and I hope they know how special that made us feel.

I think that's why whenever it's a work friend's birthday, and especially when they don't want to make a big deal about it, I try to do a little something to make them feel special even if it's just buying their lunch or morning coffee. Or in Ibis' case, a bunch of his favourite plain Dorito corn chips.

Ibis managed to chomp through them all in 5 work days, which included a weekend so essentially he celebrated his birthday for a week proving a little gesture can go a long way. Job well done, me! I hope he felt a little glee every time he saw his shelf of Doritos or opened a fresh bag. Other People's Happiness is the best.

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