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by - July 14, 2017

I don’t know why I was tasked with dressing my eldest niece for her formal last year. Seriously, her mum sees me every weekend. She knows I dress like I rummaged through a kindergarten lost and found box. But even though I look like rainbow vomit, I suppose I am the most responsible and reliable of the Phamlings since I have zero obligations of my own since I am a commitment-phobe.

Yes, I don't have a home, a loan, debts, minimal keys, no lease, no lock-in contracts, any accounts I have are month-to-month. I also prefer work to be on a fixed-contract basis so I know there is a set date to decide whether I stay or go. I like to know I can up and leave at any moment because commitment isn't my thing. I suppose it means I can pick up other people’s duties since I don’t have many of my own. And so, Aunty Ngoc had to learn what girls wear to formals since I never went to my own.  I especially don’t know how to shop for fancy things that fit short, petite teens who don't fit dress or shoe sizes in regular stores. I was clueless.

We went to SO many shops across SO many days, and had zero luck. All the shopping centres, all the known shopping strips - it was only thanks to the Google Maps God on our fourth all-day shopping fail. I had absolutely zero more ideas of where to try so I googled anything on the south side we could try on our way home, and up came Gossip Gowns in the middle of nowhere yet somewhat on our way home. Well, it was in the middle of somewhere obviously but it’s an odd block - almost a traffic island at an intersection in Norman Park, Brisbane, QLD. I didn’t have high hopes after seeing her try on dozens of dresses that didn’t sit or feel right. We were both feeling deflated on what should have been a fun experience.

At first looking at the hundreds of gorgeous gowns, I had a sinking feeling everything would be out of our poor people budget but the lovely ladies saw us looking lost, and offered us help to find a dress we could afford yet looked fabulous.

As soon as eldest niece put the rose gold sequin on, I knew we’d found it. Her body language changed from defeated to excited twists and twirls - the way Disney princesses do when they get makeovers. Disney has ruined reality for us, hasn’t it? But she also tried on a second dress that the sales assistant had offered. When the lady saw her in option 2 she shook her head and said it didn’t show off her great body the way the cheaper sequin dress which I really appreciated and agreed with. It irks me when sales people tell you something looks good when it doesn’t ‘cause they want to make budget more than they want to help you find what’s right for you.

I honestly loved the vibe at Gossip Gowns even though I was a fish out of water there. The ladies there know exactly what they’re doing when it comes to fitting dresses. They have a stand to help short people, can show you where the dress needs to be taken up, have heels on the ready to help envision the final look, and I trusted their knowledge and guidance. It made shopping for a gown so much easier than me blindly leading my poor niece all around Brisbane. If you ever find yourself in need of a school formal dress, I recommend you pay Gossip Gowns a visit!

Gossip Gowns
172 Bennetts Rd, Norman Park QLD 4170
07 3899 8610

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