Tinder in Europe vs Australia

by - October 23, 2017

I learned some things about why I keep failing at men, while I was using Tinder across Europe. Aussie men are afraid of women. They treat us like a foreign species instead of a different gender. The European men I chatted to were much more relaxed, confident and straightforward in their flirting. I didn't get offended and delete a single one for being disrespectful or inappropriate. Plus, I never once got a 'How's your day?' which is Brisbane men's default question… every day for 4-5 days before I delete him because he either doesn’t know how to speak to women, or was texting so many people he couldn't keep the conversation going and/or was too lazy to scroll up to see what we'd already said.

The men I matched with in Europe asked me about me, and shared things about them - none of this trying to be overly clever, using pick-up-lines, or not knowing what to say. It was refreshing to have men chat to me like a fellow human being with a personality and brain. Crazy, I know.

I found French and German men the most attractive in very different ways. The French were exotically dark, handsome and confident. The Germans were striking with bold, pale features. Italian men I found a bit pushy - half a dozen sidestepped Tinder matching to DM me on Instagram even though I'd expressed no interest - I ignored them all, respect my space please. The Spaniards were sensual, friendly and most chilled out. By the time we got to our last stop in Prague I was out of data and the apartment wifi wasn't working so I didn't get any Czech matches - though, if it's like their customer service the matches could be aggressive, cold and intimidating. I could be wrong though.

I did have one Tinder win story in Berlin. My first Tinder win in 5 years. All I had to do was go to the other side of the world. Maybe I'll tell you about him some time. But yes, Aussie women traveling Europe - I highly recommend using Tinder over there even if you’re burnt out from Aussie Tinder here!



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