Italy (Europe 2017)

by - December 04, 2017

The train rides to, from and in Italy are beautiful. My favourite train rides of the whole trip. The rolling hills behind flat green fields and farms is so beautiful. I loved the views.

Though, Rome is where the whole group got different symptoms of the same sick. Fevers, runny noses, loss of appetite (I know, in Italy where all our favourite foods live - how horrendous!), fatigue - we were bedridden for two of the four nights here. So, Rome was fun but exhausting. We did all the tourist things - walked the inner city and visited lots of fountains, obelisks, and buildings so old like the Pantheon that our little minds were blown. Unfortunately for us, it was peak summer heatwave while we were there so our sick bodies did not cope so well. Watching the sunset over the city from different viewpoints was definitely a highlight. It's a stunning city.

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Vatican City
Do not go to Vatican City without a tour booking. The lines looked godawful. We booked ahead, and it was a breeze getting in and around. We went with City Wonders who I highly recommend - it was a really friendly, professional and knowledgeable experience. I wouldn't have appreciated the city as much if we hadn't learned about its history and purpose as we ventured around.

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The Colosseum & The Forum
As part of the Vatican City tour, we also booked a trip to the Colosseum & the Colosseum with the same tour promoters. It was bloody hot and everyone struggled in the sun, but I loved the historical elements. Still can't believe I walked where famous gladiators, emperors and philosophers walked in the past. Crazy.

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Venice is beautiful but one dimensional. There's not much to it. But it is very pretty.
the big saint Marc building had such a massive queue to get in we didn't want to waste our one day there waiting. So we walked around and to the other side of the island where we had lunch at a dockside restaurant overlooking the cemetery island. So pretty. I sacrificed a gondola ride (which is a must-do!) so the loved up couple I was with could have a romantic evening, and walked around the whole island instead. I could have done with a second day of exploring there but if you're short on time, one day is enough to get a feel for the city.

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I'm not huge on consumerism at the moment, mainly because I don't have money to burn and partially because needless consumerism is terrible for the planet. Do I really need another pair of sneakers? Well, no...but maybe yes. But no. If I was here to shop I'd be in retail heaven because the stores here are huge compared to Australia's small shopfronts.

The city itself though, was underwhelming compared to the other cities I'd just visited. There are beautiful big, old style stone buildings throughout the city centre, but they lacked personality because they were so pristine. I wouldn't visit here again unless it was for a massive spending spree I know I'll never do, because if I had that much money I'd be traveling the world hoarding experiences, not things.


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