Soup case

by - June 18, 2018

I never knew I took soup for granted until I started dating the soup nazi. No, he doesn't make amazing soup and withhold it as punishment for misbehaving. He hates soup as a food category because he has terrible taste (why do you think he likes me?) and we eat dinner together so I now never eat soup for dinner. Noodle soups, hearty soups, chunky soups, wonton soups, laksa, gia ri (Vietnamese curry) - none of these are in his realm of edible foods. It kills me.

Before this I never carried soup to work because it's messy and I only had cheap takeaway containers that aren't spill proof. Since soup for dinner is no longer an option, I'm eating more and more soup for lunch at work because my cravings are next level especially during winter.

I had a couple of spillage issues on the way to work with my regular cheapo takeaway tubs so I went to my old favourite, Biome, to get a soup-friendly reusable food container. Hello, Thermos. I don't need it to be insulated because there's a microwave at work but boy-oh, it's sooo nice to travel with and I like having the option to take hot or cold foods with me on a picnic that I won't share with the boyfriend because he doesn't do soup.

My Thermos Funtainer Food Jar in Charcoal (470ml) came with a folded metal spoon in the top compartment but I took that out since we have cutlery at work. Instead, I fill it with fresh garnish like spring onion and chilli or coriander and fried shallots instead. I've level upped my office food game this month. Yay me.

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