Best balayage hairdresser in Brisbane

by - March 29, 2021

Mushroom balayage asian hair

While some of my work colleagues are changing their lives post-2020 by moving interstate to study social work or live by the beach, I changed up my life post-2020 by stabbing new ear holes in my lobes, and colouring my hair. Yup. I sure know how to shake things up. 

I remember my early 20s in Melbourne when I moved house every 6-12 months, and moved jobs every 6-12months, and cycled through friendship groups much the same way. These days my life is stabler, one might even say I've "settled down" so now my idea of a life change is superficial alterations to my appearance. 

Enter: Sunny from FG Dolls. I've been going to Sunny for haircuts for years. After my old hairdresser Richard retired from hairdressing, I lucked upon Sunny at FG Dolls in West End. He's super knowledgeable, talented and passionate about hair and it translates into an awesome hair experience every time. Sunny has been cutting mine and Little Sissy Pham's hair for years. 

Over the past couple of years, though, he's grown his skill and reputation as Brisbane's best balayage hair colourist. Unfortunately for us, it means weeks - sometimes months - to get an appointment with Sunny, but honestly, he's worth the wait. I even used annual leave from work recently to see Sunny mid-week because it was that or wait another month to see him.

Colour test

I've been dying my hair black for 8+ years now. Black dye is very permanent, and I didn't trust anyone but Sunny to lighten my hair without breaking it. Sunny warned me it might not be possible and my appointment would start with a colour test to see what he could achieve. Over 7 hours, the legend was able to transform my hair from dodgy black box-dyed hair to a brilliant mushroom brown balayage colour. It was 10pm by the time we finished with the colouring, and I wanted a trim as well so he worked another hour to cut and style my hair. Sunny is simply the best. Look at my hair! I can't believe my locks can look so glam.

While I don't particularly want longer wait times to see Sunny, he's too good not to recommend him to people. Honestly, he will take great care of your hair and talk you through the process and how to maintain your hair afterwards. 

Shop 3, 220 Melbourne St. 
West End, Brisbane
P: 07 3844 6228

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