Tirtyl plastic-free foaming hand wash

by - August 18, 2021

I adore the scent of Palmolive's Vanilla & Almond foaming hand wash, but I get a pang of guilt whenever I look at the stash of plastic bottles in our four household sinks - two bathrooms, kitchen and powder room. That's a lot of single use plastic we're churning through in a year. If was I business savvy, maybe I could have come up with this genius alternative that lets me keep using foaming hand wash without plastic waste. 

Instead a couple of dudes on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland brought out these Tityrl hand wash tablets. Just add water - warm water - and you're good to go! So simple, so clever, and a much better alternative to mass producing liquid hand wash in plastic bottles. Boyfriend Pham and I were happy to see it cleans as well as the foaming hand wash formerly known as our favourite. Each Tirtyl tablet makes up 250ml of foaming wash. It comes in 4 scents and also unscented if you prefer plain or to add your own scent. I got the sample fragrance pack and tangerine & rose is my favourite. 

The first batch I made, being a jerk who doesn't read instructions, I tossed the tablet in cold water and I suppose I could have waited a few hours for it to disintegrate but, being an impatient jerk, I put it in a glass jar and microwaved it so the water was warm enough to dissolve the tablet in minutes. It was a lot of fun watching the bubbles fizz up. You can purchase glass bottles with plastic pumps from them, but I am reusing my plastic pumps. I'll upgrade to glass in about 400 years when my plastic pump bottles start to crumble.

I wonder if they regret calling their business Tirtyl (pronounced 'turtle') because it's a pain in my butt to tell people about them verbally. It's much easier to write.

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