Yoga with Adriene

by - September 20, 2022

Adriene is sponsored by Adidas and is probably why all my tights are now Adidas tights

As part of a personal goal to be more active, I've taken up workout at home yoga following YouTube channel 'Yoga with Adriene.' Boyfriend Pham and I do yoga every morning before we get ready for work (full disclosure: only during warmer months because we're soft and won't get out of bed early when it's mildly cool). I learned of Adriene Mishler through a childhood bestie who has been doing yoga on a boat during the pandemic.

For those who are time-poor, funds-poor or both, Yoga with Adriene is a great way to get some movement and 'me-time' into your day. The sessions are often 20-30mins and because it's on YouTube you can progress at your own pace, skip a day here or there when you're just not feeling it, or press pause and come back later if you can't do a whole session in one sitting.

It's a lovely way to wake up the body and settle the mind each morning. Adriene has a really calm and fun demeanour as she guides you through the sessions. She's humble and down to earth, and won't throw about yoga terminology without explaining what it actually means and the intention of all the things. A great bonus is in recent years she got a Blue Heeler named Benji who also has a calm demeanour because mostly he's snoozing in the background of her yoga space.

Check her out online. You don't need anything to try - a towel on carpet could do. But if you find yourself getting into it, I highly recommend getting a yoga mat for comfort. You can always ask your local Buy Nothing Group if you don't have the funds for a new mat.

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