Upgrade U: Maybelline mini-colorama nail varnish

by - August 09, 2011

If you know me and you probably don’t because if you did you wouldn’t waste your precious time on this Earth reading my stupid blog. You'd also know that I am always doing something even when I’m doing nothing. Be it word games, puzzles, typing on my macbook, writing in an actual notebook, drawing, jotting, plotting, planning… The one and only time I can sit still is when I do my nails.

The power of vanity never ceases to amaze me. Women endure so much pain and discomfort to make themselves feel pampered and babin’. There’s plucking, waxing, shaving, regrowth, lasers, in-growns and soooo many painful tangles at the hairdressers; none of this makes me bat a well-lined, mascaraed and shadowed eyelid yet painting my nails has me squirming like a kid busting for the toilet while Dad’s taking an epic poo.

My gosh! It hurts me sooo much to sit still and do nothing. Actually, I’m doing something – I’m typing out this blog post while my nails dry but I did give ‘em a 15 minute grace period (epic length in Jade-time) and touch-typing keeps the fingers apart so one could argue it’s better for me to be typing than failing to sit still.
Maybelline New York’s ‘Mini-Colorama’ range is my fave new varnish at the moment. Not only does it come in mini-size at a mini-price so you use it all before it gets gluggy and icky, the range has a plethora of bright or chic or prissy or tough colours so there’s something for every mood! It also glides on really nicely so even primary school failures like me can colour inside the lines.

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