Upgrade U: Elle Macpherson intimates contour bra

by - August 03, 2011

Amy Winehouse (may she and her unique flair rest in peace) and I have not much in common. I can't sing to save my life, I'm generally alcohol and drug free and I prefer to wear clothes in public. It's a good thing Amy likes to appear topless in paparazzi photos otherwise I wouldn't know that we have my fave Elle Macpherson Intimates Sheer Ribbons Contour Bra in common, as seen on Ms. Winehouse in this photo from perezhilton.com:

At first when I realised I’d accidentally published my bra collection on the interweb in my milk crate wardrobe post, the prude in me was mortified. Then I remembered I love my bras and this blog is about things I love so decided I should dedicate a whole entire post to them.

I have tiny boobs. Almost non-existent, really. I’ve struggled through many years with the most ill fitting and uncomfortable bras because of this. Then one day I was watching True Blood when Jason Stackhouse is fooling around with the trippy hippy Amy chick and I noticed her bra. It was designed for deep neckline tops so really cupped her breasts and I had an Oprah ‘aha!’ moment - I need to get me one of those! Thank you TV, you teach me everything I know.
I was already a fan of Elle McPherson Intimates because her padded bra range was such good quality so I went a-hunting in Myers – yes, people, remember the days when we used to shop in physical stores and paid cash or credit, not via paypal? Oh, the effort. But it was worth it because I discovered her amazingly comfortable Intimates Contour Bra range. I started with the black (modeled by Amy Winehouse), added a couple more blacks, added a pink/grey, added a nude, then added a pink/cream then a teal/white and I probably should stop adding to my bra collection now but I still wander through Myer’s lingerie section every few months hoping for a new colourway.

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