Confessions of a fringe-a-holic

by - September 30, 2011

Okay, so i have something to confess. When I tell people Beyonce's do in Lady Gaga's Telephone clip inspired me to cut a fringe it is only half true. Beyonce inspired me to keep my fringe while i grew out the rest of my hair, which quit my head, and i really must remember to blog the story of how my hair fell off. Anyhoo, my real inspiration is:
Pocahontas, the Disney cartoon. Not even the lead character but her sidekick bestie Nakoma who discouraged Pocahontas' love affair and frowned a lot. Some google trawling found this less bitter expression. I am not a fan of her character - I don't approve of making facial expressions nor discouraging romance. We need more love in this world! But I do approve of her blunt fringe.

I was hesitant to base my next hairstyle on a cartoon character and then I recalled a time when a boy had an epiphany and sent me a text to tell me I look exactly like Mulan 1 and 2! He was stacking DVDs on a shelf at the time. I figure if I can look like Mulan, I can totally look like Nakoma too.
There, I confess. My fringe is inspired by a cartoon character and not even a famous one.

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