My terrible photographic history with Little Sissy Pham

by - September 13, 2011

Since we were tiny tots, Little Sissy Pham has been terrified of me. Who wouldn't be? I'm all smiles and hugs until KABLAM! The evil demon within comes out to RRAAAAAAARRRRR!!!! Or not. I honestly don't know why she was so scared of me when we were younger. She was the one who beat me all the time. But it's fairly obvious that she was petrified of me.

This photo is of Little Sissy Pham really not enjoying my affection:

This photo is evidence that Little Sissy Pham learned to walk just so she could run away from me, the crying gives her away:

This photo is of Little Sissy Pham resigning to a miserable life of my hugs:

Can't see the tightly controlled terror in her face? Here's a close up:

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