Upgrade U: Miss Wilson courtney wedge

by - September 18, 2011

Let's see... I'm pigeon-toed, uncoordinated and sometimes tip over just standing on a slightly inclined surface. When I am sober. Understandably, heels and I are aren't the best of friends. Our relationship is one of mutual admiration from afar. I admire their beautiful, elegant and sexy designs, and they admire me for keeping my oafish feet the Hell away from them.
Lately after looking through photo albums full of well dressed Pham women from the '60s and '70s, I've had the urge to dress more like a girl. A girly girl, one that doesn't wear sneakers all the time and with everything. The stars must have heard me because along came a pair of New Zealand designer Kathryn Wilson's Miss Wilson Summer 2011 'Courtney Wedge' in Red Check.
Ladies, you won't believe how comfortable these shoes are to walk in. They aren't so heely that I'll tip over yet ultra girly and nice too. I was going to take a close up  photo of the Miss Wilson wedge on my feet but then I noticed what I thought was my sickly Melbourne complexion in much need of a tan. It turned out to be my toes turning blue from the cold. Think I got a few more weeks before I can strut around Melbourne in these babies but summertime here I come!

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